About Us

We are an independent Local Estate Agency set up in 2008 who have grown year by year through recommendations & Referrals. The business is run by husband and wife team Terry & Kelly Adolpho who have a wealth of knowledge in the Milton Keynes area.

The background of how the company was set up was back in 2008 when the property market crashed, property prices fell and the country hit a recession where mortgage rates jumped and property prices fell. As a qualified mortgage broker Terry could see clients needed an option to save money and not pay the high street prices that were being charged. In 2008 the internet seemed to be the place where overheads could be cut and passed on down the line to save the public a fortune! Who needs a high Street shop when you are viewing a property? We decided this could all be done from an office where we go to the client and the client does not need to come to a shop.  No need for high overheads, company cars, company phones etc.etc.

First came property sales where Under 1 Roof paid for the solicitors fees on the sale of the property along with the home information pack and still cheaper than the high street agents. The business went from zero marketed properties on the 1st October to 40 properties on the market with a percentage sold by the 1st January. The concept worked and grew month by month.

Then came the lettings side of the company. We looked at what the high street agencies were charging and found it to be between 10 & 12% of the rent received along with a whole host of other fees, the question we asked is what are they doing for this high fee? Of course they had big overheads. We looked hard and found that a reasonable fee would be 5% (+vat = 6%) but also not charge other fees to the landlord. As a mortgage broker who had arranged 100’s of buy to let mortgages over the years we called our database of landlords who decided to make the switch and saved a fortune on management fees.

We made a decision at the start in 2008 that we do not want to be the biggest agency in Milton Keynes but to keep the business small and personal and provide value for money & to this day we have kept our promise. We have no bank loans, Very small overheads and zero debts.

If you are looking to save money why not give us a call?